Residence site Terrra

The C4R's collective residence was dedicated in part to defining an ecological and adequate way to the principles of the "planetary garden" and the "garden in movement" in the management of the living present on the Terrra project site. Noting the imbalance caused by the invasive presence of black locust trees, it was decided to reduce the number of these trees in the borders of the wooded areas in order to favour a better dynamic of biodiversity. We have also carried out mowing courses, and we have classified the wood cut for later use in the various developments. Following Gilles Clément's advice, the coordination of the workshop days was carried out by Stefan Pop and we also involved the inhabitants of Brezoi who participated by contributing their local knowledge (as well as the use of the draught horse for steep areas).

Site of the project Terrra

Use of the cheval de traction

Classement du bois coupé

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