Artist Adriana Chiruta in residency in Bucharest

23-31 January 2022

Adriana Chiruta lives and works in her favourite life-art project called Carambach, an ”invented” country for independent artists, scientists and human and nature rights` activists. She studied philosophy and performing arts (theatre directing), being a hybrid artist, mixing practices inspired by theatre laboratories and postmodern dance, with post-conceptual art and philosophy (mainly logic and cognitive sciences, philosophy of urbanism and political philosophy).

The title of the research Adriana Chiruta develops during her residency in Bucharest is “How we perform survival. The Carambach lesson”.

The residency is part of Regenerative-Reliable-Resourceful, the mapping of resilient practices in the Romanian countryside, in the field of food production and distribution, construction materials and cultural initiatives, that develops in the frame of C4R and of the Experimental Station for Research.